Georgia Wildlife Federation is excited to partner with National Wildlife Federation’s new hire, Ashley Chance. Ashley will be working to expand the Artemis program in the Southeast with the goal to create a robust network of women that can rely on each other for hunting and fishing advice, buddy up for trips, share stories from the field, and grow as sportswomen in a community where they feel a strong sense of belonging.

GWF initiated an Artemis program for Georgia in the fall of 2019 under the volunteer leadership of Melissa Hulsey, Lynn Lewis, Tina Johannsen, and Jennifer Frum with a focus on building community, one-on-one mentoring, and helping women to become more confident in the outdoors. Having Ashley working directly with Georgia and other SE states is a huge plus, and we are excited to see how the program develops in the upcoming year.

If Artemis Georgia sounds like something that would benefit you, please take a moment to complete a quick, 10-question survey. We want to make sure we are meeting the needs of Georgia’s sportswomen and your feedback is important to us.

Learn more about Ashley.

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