Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition

Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition

Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act

The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act (GOSA) Coalition came together in 2010 for one simple purpose – to secure a vibrant and healthy future for our state – one that balances the needs of our environment and our economy. We continue to work towards that goal.

Georgia Outdoor Stewardship CoalitionOn November 6, 2018, 83% of Georgia’s voters supported the passage of the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment (GOSA). As a result, Georgia now has a dedicated funding source for land and water conservation. This means our Department of Natural Resources has steady, reliable funding to protect water quality, improve parks and trails, create new hunting and fishing opportunities, and maintain our public lands. To cap it off, this is happening without creating or increasing taxes.

As a member of the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition, Georgia Wildlife Federation worked to help bring this funding to fruition, from educating legislators on the bill’s importance to our wildlife and our economy, to answering questions from voters as they evaluated the amendment. The GOSA program became effective July 1 and is being administered by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Funds are disbursed via grants and loans with the first grant cycle opening September 1, 2019. Visit the GA DNR website for the most up-to-date information or to register to attend an information session.

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