Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Tupelo Pavilion

  • Are the restrooms stocked?   Yes, the restrooms are stocked and ready for visitors.
  • Are electrical outlets available for use in the pavilion?    Yes, there are a couple of outlets in both the pavilion and the pavilion kitchen. Please be careful not to overload outlets.
  • How many picnic tables are under the pavilion?    There are 15 picnic tables (28″ x 71″) with 900lb weight limit, and each table seats 8.  In addition, there are 2-3 additional, 6′-8′ tables available for use.
  • Are inflatables allowed on the property?     No, due to insurance policies, inflatables are not allowed under any circumstance.

Indoor Meeting Rooms

  • Is there Wi-Fi available inside?    Yes, there is Wi-Fi available for guests. 
  • Is there equipment to show presentations?    Yes, there is a large screen and projector and a smaller TV used in smaller classrooms available. 
  • Is there somewhere to store food during a meeting?    Yes, there is an indoor caterer’s kitchen available to use with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and ice maker.  
  • Do you provide coffee for guests?    Coffee can be provided for $1 per person. This includes coffee, creamer, sugar, cups with lids, and stirrers. 

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