Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Alcovy Conservation Center Rentals
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are the restrooms stocked? Yes, the restrooms are stocked and ready for visitors.
  2. Are electrical outlets available for use in the pavilion? Yes, there are a couple of outlets in both the pavilion and the pavilion kitchen. Please be careful not to overload outlets.
  3. Is wi-fi available? Yes, wi-fi is available for guests at the pavilion.
  4. How many picnic tables are under the pavilion? There are 15 picnic tables (28″ x 71″). Each table seats 8. In addition, there are 2 – 3 additional, 6′ – 8′ tables available for use.
  5. Are inflatables allowed on the property? No, due to insurance policies, inflatables are not allowed under any circumstance.

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