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The Georgia Wildlife Federation is working to secure the future of wildlife conservation and our hunting heritage by recruiting, retaining, and reactivating (R3) hunters. The Georgia R3 Initiative is a cooperative effort between Georgia Wildlife Federation, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quality Deer Management Association, and Safari Club International. The goals of this initiative are to 1) to increase participation in hunting and shooting sports as they relate to hunting and 2) to increase societal acceptance and support of hunting and shooting sports. The suggested strategies and actions to accomplish these goals are defined in the Georgia Hunting Action Plan.

Hunting Fosters a Deep Connection Between You and Nature

An Academics Afield Coordinator Shares his Perspective By Davis Simmons, Academics Afield Coordinator, ABAC Human beings have hunted for thousands of years. It started as a necessary source of food and has continued throughout the ages as a way of life for all types...

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