January 25, 2021

Last year’s legislative session, with its split session due to the coronavirus pandemic, was one of the strangest of my career. This newest session promises to be just as unique.

To date, the General Assembly has focused on new committee assignments and leadership positions. The past week was largely devoted to Appropriations hearings on administration plans and agency needs.

The Chairs of “our” committee remain the same as last session. In the House, Rep. Trey Rhodes continues as Chair of the Game, Fish and Parks Committee. Rep. Lynn Smith remains Chair of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. In the Senate, Sen. Tyler Harper remains in charge of the Natural Resources and the Environment Committee. We are fortunate to have steady seasoned leadership in these roles. In a less formal role, we have Rep. David Knight as the House Chair of the Sportsman’s Caucus and Sen. Harper picks up the mantle of Sportsman’s Caucus in the Senate with the retirement of Sen. Bill Heath.

The consistency of this leadership group ensures we have resident expertise on those committees. They understand the issues, and they are all experts at moving through the legislative process.

To date, through four official legislative days, we have had no legislation introduced that specifically affects hunting, fishing, or our conservation priorities. I expect in 2021 we will see some legislation and regulation that does have impact on the game laws and the game, fish, and non-game animals that make up Georgia’s natural world.

Thank you again for your participation. Together we will be successful at Keeping Georgia Wild.


Mike Worley
President & CEO
Georgia Wildlife Federation

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