The 2019 Georgia General Assembly is in full swing and we’ve been busy at the Capitol monitoring bills that might affect your land, water, wildlife, and hunting and fishing opportunities. We don’t want to bombard you with emails. If you see an action alert come your way, please know it is because we feel it necessary to get the attention of legislators and we need your help.

Below are a few events and items of interest. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mike Worley, President
Georgia Wildlife Federation


Fisharama/Turkeyrama, February 8 – 10:
Special events help fund GWF conservation programs like the Camo Coalition. Please join us at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry this weekend, February 8 – 10. You’ll have a great day out with friends and family while supporting a great cause. Get more details.

Keeping Georgia Wild Day at the Capitol, February 19:
This is a day to join other sportsmen and women at the Capitol in support of our hunting and fishing heritage. Get more details.


Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment
The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment passed with overwhelming support from the public in November. This will bring significant, steady funding for conservation in our state. During the 2019 Session, we are looking at housekeeping legislation to adjust administrative dates to allow the Georgia DNR to better implement the program.

Cool and shady streams in north Georgia can be home to some great trout fishing. But to maintain the clean, cold waters the fish require, it is important to have streamside vegetation, or buffers, to filter dirt and provide shade. Georgia’s current stream buffer laws contain unclear language that muddles the law and puts streams and trout fishing at risk. GWF is working with other conservation organizations and legislators to fix the stream buffer law and protect fishing in Georgia. Look for more updates over the next month.


In 2017, HB208 passed resulting in an increase in hunting and fishing license fees in Georgia. Below are just a few of the projects the Georgia Department of Natural Resources reports having funded with the additional dollars.

  • Constructed 95 miles of new roads on Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Improved access on 203 miles of existing roads on Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Improved 123 acres of waterfowl habitat on managed impoundments.
  • Improved 128 acres of Mourning Dove habitat on managed dove fields.
  • Added 498-acres of managed dove fields.
  • Hired 5 Wildlife Technicians to enhance habitat development and recreational opportunities on Wildlife Management Areas.
  • Hired, trained, and equipped 30 new game wardens.


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