Evan Wheeler

Private Lands Biologist Evan Wheeler encounters a gopher tortoise at a recent landowner site visit.

The GWF Private Lands Biologist is now available to provide AT NO COST land management assistance to landowners in focal counties in central Georgia. Given the importance of active management in developing and maintaining quality wildlife habitat, the GWF Biologist will perform one-on-one site visits with landowners to assess land condition and landowner objectives and then develop a detailed management plan that may include:

  • Establishment of new forest stands (emphasizing longleaf pine).
  • Prescribed fire planning.
  • Identification of plants valuable for wildlife and approaches for promotion.
  • Identification of invasive plants and methods for control.
  • General silvicultural suggestions for stand enhancement that will benefit wildlife.

For more information on enhancing wildlife habitat on your property and for a list of focal counties, visit contact Evan Wheeler at evan@gwf.org or 251-975-8483.

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