GWC logoThe Georgia Water Coalition met virtually on November 19th for its annual fall membership meeting. This meeting is usually held at GWF’s Alcovy Conservation Center every November and includes an oyster roast and happy hour. Although these water advocates could not meet in person, they had a robust attendance with members from around the state. Gina Rogers planned and managed the meeting utilizing GWF’s Zoom virtual meeting platform. The event contained two sessions and a virtual lunch for socializing. During the morning session, the group worked on reaching consensus for revisions to the GWC’s Biennial Report. The GWC’s 2021 Biennial Report will be released in January.

The afternoon session consisted of updates on GWC projects and priority issues and special presentations from invited guests. The Coalition celebrated the passage of Amendment #1 with 81.6% of Georgia voters approving it after over a decade of hard work building bipartisan support to dedicated state trust funds, like the Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste funds, for the purpose that they were intended. A tribute to Rep. Debbie Buckner was on the days agenda as was an overview of the recent release of the 2020 Clean 13 and 2020 Dirty Dozen reports. Dr. Yolanda Whyte, pediatrician and public health expert, gave a presentation on water contamination and public health. The session wrapped up with a discussion about plastic pollution with presentations by Kostas Konstantinidis, Ph.D., Georgia Tech and Emory University professor and Benton Wislinski of the South Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club. The next meeting of the Georgia Water Coalition membership will be in the spring of 2021. The GWC was founded in 2002 and has over 275 member groups representing thousands of citizens that work together for clean, plentiful water for all Georgians. GWF is a founding member of the Georgia Water Coalition and Gina Rogers serves as their Director of Operations.

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