Why Join?

Your Voice Protects Fish, Wildlife, Hunting & Fishing in Georgia.

The Time is Now.

As Georgia becomes increasingly populated and more urbanized, many of our residents don’t have the distinct privilege of how it feels to take a slow walk in the woods, paddle our wild streams and rivers, or hunt and fish our verdant lands. That more urbanized way of life also means that our legislative power base is shifting from rural areas to the more clustered cities and suburbs, and in turn every year laws are proposed that reflect an increasing disconnection with our natural resources.

Become Involved.
What can you do to ensure Georgia remains one of the best, pristine, and most sought-after corners in America to enjoy the great outdoors? Join the Camo Coalition.

Arm Yourself with the Facts.
Simply put, the Camo Coalition is a segmented program of the Georgia Wildlife Federation, one that was created to keep you informed of the ever-changing policies and politics of our wild things and wild places.  The Coalition approaches conservation issues from a scientific standpoint, those guided by research, experience, and rigorous management principles.  We insist upon the use of sound science doctrines as well as hands-on opportunities for full public participation in the critical decisions that affect Georgia’s natural resources.  Perhaps most importantly, the Coalition commits itself to arm you with the facts so that you can do your informed part to help direct the future of our natural resources to where they need to be.

Make Your Voice Heard.
Joining the Camo Coalition is joining forces with other like-minded sportsmen and women to make certain your voice is heard loud and clear on issues that straightforwardly affect you and the things you hold close to your heart as an advocate for the outdoors, for wildlife, and for conservation. It’s no secret that outdoor enthusiasts carry more clout with legislators than almost any other support group in our beautiful state, and that is why the Georgia Wildlife Federation has a strong, sure voice when it counts the most.  And with your help, it can be even stronger, even surer, even better.

United for Georgia, United for All Georgians.
The Camo Coalition isn’t just about statewide conservation issues.  We’re also the voice for local and regional issues.  Let us know how we can help, and we’ll stand together.  As gatekeepers for our natural resources, we can mobilize our fellow sportsmen and women within any community in Georgia to act for the protection and preservation of our outdoor treasures.

Camo Coalition

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