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Mission Statement

To encourage the intelligent management of the life sustaining resources of the earth - its essential water resources - its protective forests and plant life - and its dependent wildlife - and to promote and encourage the knowledge and appreciation of these resources, their interrelationship and wise use, without which there can be little hope for a continuing abundant life.

GWF Constitution & By-Laws, 1936


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that the natural resources of this state are economic, social, recreational, and aesthetic assets which should be restored and perpetuated for our posterity, and realizing that this can only be achieved through an aroused and enlightened opinion among the people of Georgia, we dedicate this Federation to these ends:

To encourage protection and restoration of waters, wildlife, forest and field.

To restore and rehabilitate wildlife environment.

To seek more intensive education of the public in recognizing resource conservation as vital to our way of life and its preservation.
To cooperate with county, state, federal and private agencies of resources management to improve and to strengthen our basic resources and husband partnerships that encourage wise utilization. 

To recognize and promote hunting and fishing as essential tools of wildlife management. 

To stand firm on promoting the highest standards of outdoor ethics, strengthening farmer-sportsmen understanding, and presenting a positive image to landowners and the non-hunting public.

And to develop greater outdoor opportunities for all as essential to character-building and for the physical and spiritual welfare of people throughout the state.


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