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You Can Help

Once you join the Coalition, GWF will inform you of issues that might have an impact on Georgia's natural resources and your right to hunt and fish.

It is up to you to take action and let your elected officials know what you think. Emails from you and other Camo Coalition members DO make a difference.

Give to GWF and support conservation programs like the Camo Coalition.

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Camo Coalition®

The purpose of the Camo Coalition is to organize sportsmen and women across Georgia so we can act quickly if there is an issue affecting our wildlife management or outdoor recreation interests. 

Just go to and enter your contact information. The system will provide a list of your elected officials and you will be ready to send a message to them with the click of a button.

Armed with the Facts!

We approach conservation issues from a scientific viewpoint, guided by research, experience and sound management principles. The Coalition has made a commitment to arm you with the facts so you can do your part to direct the future of Georgia’s natural resources.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Join forces with your fellow sportsmen and make your voice heard on issues that directly affect you and the things you hold dear. The Georgia Wildlife Federation has a strong voice. But, with your help, it can be even stronger.

United for Georgia!

The Camo Coalition addresses more than just statewide issues. If there is a conservation issue affecting you regionally or locally, let us know. Together, we can mobilize fellow sportsmen within your region or community to act for the protection of our natural resources.


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Additional Resources

View the Camo Coalition's legislative tracking sheet to get a full update on legislation that is pending, proposed or in the wing.

To find your elected officials, join the Camo Coalition. You can log on at anytime and contact them with the click of a button. Membership in the Coalition is free and we will protect your contact information. See our privacy policy.

To learn more about conservation issues in Georgia, read past Camo alerts or visit our conservation library.

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